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December 16, 2021

Everyone needs to be successful in some parts of life, no matter their standards.

Measuring success can be very different from one to another. For example, having a lot of money can indicate how successful you are. On the other hand, some estimate success is the factor of fame.

The standards keep changing and changing from one person to another and from year to another.

How to measure your success?

Before starting your successful carrier, you must know at which stage you are and how much you need to be the one you always wanted to be.

In this journey, I will help you know yourself better and plan your future based on facts, not only on temporary thoughts and passing ideas, because soon these ideas will be outdated, so your future will be.

Grab a piece of paper and start answering the questions truthfully and think only about the questions leaving behind all the other factors like which country you live in, your family, your age, only and exclusively about yourself. We will discuss everything else later on.

First Question: What makes you happy?

Knowing what makes you happy is the light you must follow while building and developing your future. Imagine being a surgeon doctor while hating to see blood each day to the end of your working currier. Even if you have all the happiness ingredients, you will not be happy.

Being successful is an essential part of being happy, but only if you were successful at what you always wanted to be successful at.

So don’t search about what makes you more money and only think about what you love and what makes you happy and then I will tell you how to make it profitable and make a fortune from it.

Second Question: What do you do when you’re bored?

Monitoring yourself about what you do when you’re bored is profoundly connected with your emotions and way of thinking.

In a nutshell, it defines who you are now!

I’ll give you some examples of what some people might do when they get bored and give a general explanation about the hidden goals of your inner self that you might be trying to achieve without even knowing.

  1. Meeting with friends
    In general, you are looking for a sign, or someone to follow or memic or even sometimes copy personality or feeling emptiness and try to fill it somehow.
  2. Being on social media like Tiktok or instagram
    In general, you lack the feeling of being successful by watching funny or luxurious content, or even you might be escaping from the daily life that you live currently. Therefore, observe the content carefully because it will be hazardous if it’s not under control…
  3. Reading a book
    I can easily state that this is the best habit you can have ever in your life, probably you’ve heard almost all the successful figures around the world talking about the benefits of reading or lisitng to a book and how it will change your life forever, and start lisiting to a book now isn’t a bad idea Audible

All the things you do in life by will is a matter of how much of the Dopamine hormone you get doing it, and I will explain more about it in other posts.

Third Question: How bad do you want to be successful?

If we ask any person on planet earth do they want to be successful, they will immediately answer outstanding YES.

But no one is taking serious steps towards being one.

You will never be successful if you think breathing is more important than being successful.

Do I have to be that determined? Yes, you do!

Good or Bad Rule

This rule is straightforward, yet it will change your life like you never did, and by only following this rule, I guarantee you to change your life forever for good.

What I’m doing is good or bad? And then TAKE ACTIONS based on the answer. Here is an example of resampling how easy and hard is it:

By smoking a cigarette, am I doing good or bad for myself?

The short answer, smoking is bad for you.

After you know that, you have to quit smoking right away without giving the answer a second thought because the first answer is always the correct one in this rule.

See?.. Easy and challenging at the same time:

Easy by knowing something if it’s good or bad for you.

Challenging by trying to take action.

Super-Version yourself

At this point, you must know how to start your journey to be successful in the way you want it to be.

The Super-Version technique is one of the best techniques you can practice to help yourself make decisions and take actions based on your choices.

Imagine many versions of you living in another universe (similar to the Multiverse theory) and think about how the best version of you might be living?

Managing a company worth a billion-dollar? Driving a Bugatti to work? A celebrity? Imagine each detail and reincarnate the personality one to one copy.

Without realizing you will be acting the same as your super version copy, suddenly you will start your interest in some fields and reject some acts that you cannot accept if you were that version.

For example, if the best version of you is a President, you can’t curse in the street and waste your time playing video games.

You will start mimicking the personality of the best version of you, and one day, you will be that version.

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