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The best practices for being rich 2022 guide

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

chances of being rich and improve your financial situation. And in this guide, I will show you what these practices are and how each will impact your life in general and your financials in specific.

Super Version yourself

Super Version

Super versioning is a term I came up with to explain a mighty mindset that makes you reincarnate the best version of yourself and make you a better person. Disclaimer the existence of another universe is only a theoretical term that helped philosophers expand their imagination and create a magnificent way of thinking. We will […]

Be successful and reveal the best version of you in 3 Steps

Successful Man

Everyone needs to be successful in some parts of life, no matter their standards. Measuring success can be very different from one to another. For example, having a lot of money can indicate how successful you are. On the other hand, some estimate success is the factor of fame. The standards keep changing and changing […]