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December 17, 2021

Super versioning is a term I came up with to explain a mighty mindset that makes you reincarnate the best version of yourself and make you a better person.


  • the existence of another universe is only a theoretical term that helped philosophers expand their imagination and create a magnificent way of thinking. We will use it the same way as they did.
  • The following exercise will demand your imagination heavily. So please be careful while practicing and remember the only purpose of this exercise is to improve your vision and make you a better person.
  • Super versioning is a unique hacking technique developed individually by me, and proceeding with this technique will be AT YOUR OWN RISK.

What exactly is Super versioning?

Imagine having multiple copies of yourself living in other universes, and each one of them has a whole different life. Being the best, one of them is the Super Versioning.

You don’t have to think about what each one of them is doing. Instead, think about what you want yourself to have: money, Power, Fame, etc.

With imagination, you can have everything you want, and our job now is to stimulate each part of it to become a reality.

Preparing yourself for the super versioning

Let’s remember it one more time. Why super versioning yourself and how it might be helpful for you?

Thinking about another version of yourself will change your standards and how you look at things around you.

For example, when you have one million dollars in your bank account, you will not be worried about how you can afford to pay rent or bills.

All we have to do is figure out the daily schedule of the best version of you, and it might act in a particular situation. And then copy it to your calendar and show the ultimate discipline to make it happen.

The general rule about the human super version

All the super versions of all the human beings have similar characteristics, and here I’ll count some:

  • Respecting time as it the most valuable resource we have.
  • Merciful because showing how much power you have to someone who doesn’t is shameful.
  • Helpful for the community as they are the leaders of the community.
  • Religious person as they plan for all the possible lives they might be in (Life After Death).
  • Knowledge lover as it increases human value.

Practical Steps

Each one of us has a way of thinking, so the path you have to follow will be more precise as much as you answer questions about that version like:

  • How my best version spends time?
  • What does my best version eat and drink during the day?
  • What kind of community does it live in?
  • What kind of friends does it have?
  • What habits does it have?
  • What kind of books interests it the most?
  • How might it act in a specific situation?
  • Does it talk loudly?

The list will go long and long, and every detail will reveal a secret side of you that you have to develop or avoid. Then you will know how exactly you must live, reach your goals, what kind of mindset you need to achieve the life you always wanted to have.

Finally, please give me your opinion about this technique and if it helped you somehow in the comment section below.

”If you can’t be the best version, don’t be the worst”

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