Is sleeping for 8 Hours good for you? Here’s how to calculate it with our sleep calculator!

Sleeping Calculator

knowing how much sleep do you want to charge yourself and get back to your life and start fresh and motivated is essential, although many people doesn’t think about this important part of our lives as they get into sleep as soon as they feel they need to and woke up as the necessity tell them to.

Why having a healthy sleeping schedule is important?

sleep is very important for many reasons:

  • helps with weight control.
  • reduce the chance of having heart attacks and diseases.
  • maintains your immune system.
  • increase the brain functionality and focus.
  • increase the productivity.
  • regulates the release fo hormones that controls your body.
  • improve the athletic performance.
  • reducing the risk of depression.

and many more reasons that we already know and don’t know.

How much do you really need?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC the guidelines must be very close to the table below as it can be a slightly different from one person to another.

Age GroupRecommended Hours of Sleep Per Day
0-3 Months14-17 Hours
4-12 Months12-16 Hours
1-2 Years11-14 Hours
3-5 Years10-13 Hours
6-12 Years9-12 Hours
13-18 Years8-10 Hours
18-60 Years7 Hours
61-64 Years7-9 Hours
65 Years and more7-8 Hours
data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Signs you need more sleep

Our body have a smart powerful and accurate alerting system which indicates the problems as soon as they start for you to make the difference and start the meditation process and those are the signs your body gives when you need more sleep.

  • During the day, you’re drowsy.
  • You’re irritated or grumpy more than usual.
  • You’re not as productive or concentrated as you once were.
  • Your appetite has become stronger.
  • Your judgment and decision-making abilities aren’t what they used to be.
  • dark undereye bags, a poor complexion, and sagging mouth corners.

Some applications can give you more detailed information about your sleep cycles and how much quality sleeping are you getting.

Stay safe and sleep well..

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