Keyboard buying guide 2022

Logitech is renowned for its keyboards, having sold over 600 million of them since the late 1980s. The company’s latest attempt to capitalize on its expertise in this area is...
Keyboard buying guide 2022

Logitech is renowned for its keyboards, having sold over 600 million of them since the late 1980s. The company’s latest attempt to capitalize on its expertise in this area is the Logitech Productivity Keyboard (LPK). Available now and with an estimated retail price of $2,000, this keyboard has a lot to live up to in order to meet the company’s already-high standards. But does it do the job? Let’s take a look!

Work Smarter Not Harder

Typing a lot in an office setting? You’re going to want a keyboard that has backlit keys. This way, you can quickly glance at your keyboard and know where you are in terms of typing so you don’t have to look down constantly. More importantly, backlit keys eliminate errors because they allow typists to easily see what they’re typing. These keyboards also include other features such as programmable buttons, customizable macros, and more. A good option is Logitech’s G610 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard; it features an ergonomic design with individually-programmable RGB LEDs, adjustable brightness levels, and easy-access media controls. It even comes with a palm rest!

Reduce Stress From Typing

What’s most enjoyable about working on a keyboard? Is it the quiet clicking, or maybe feeling like you’re playing with a toy? It’s time to break out of that mindset and realize that technology has advanced to make keyboards more productive—and enjoyable—than ever before. Take backlit keyboards, for example. These keyboards feature bright LEDs that illuminate when touched, making them easier to type in dimly lit rooms or late at night when your vision is starting to fade. What once took hours of trial and error can now be resolved in just minutes with Logitech’s top-of-the-line productivity keyboard.

Learn How To Type Better

Despite all of its advancements in recent years, typing on a computer or laptop is still a slow process. Blind typing—the technique of using your fingers to strike keys without looking down at them—can increase your speed significantly and allow you to focus on other tasks that you’re performing simultaneously, like writing or sketching. It’s also a great way to keep your hands from getting stiff from prolonged periods of keyboard use.

Pick the Right Size

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. The Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is a delight to type on. It has a sleek aluminum body, feels sturdy, and includes built-in magic support. If you’re an iOS user, it comes with its own nano-sized receiver (making it super easy to plugin), and you’ll have no trouble adjusting to its one-pound weight (you might even find yourself typing faster). It’s similar in price to most wireless keyboards but has fewer features than those at a higher price point. Overall, it’s an excellent choice if your top priority is comfort and accuracy. For a lighter alternative, consider Logitech’s K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. It can connect up to three devices simultaneously and switches between them seamlessly—perfect for multitaskers who use different devices throughout their day. We love that it comes with extra function keys (like volume control) and backlit keys so you can work in low light or total darkness without sacrificing functionality. It’s more expensive than other wireless keyboards we reviewed, but if multiple device connectivity is important to you, it could be worth splurging on—and unlike some of our other picks, there are never any batteries to replace!

Change The Way You Type (BONUS)

Many current products on the market have keyboards, but lack features that make them truly productive. For example, most consumer keyboards do not have a feature that allows you to use a shortcut (or multiple-key combo) to type words, symbols, and punctuation without moving your hands from the home row. This means you can’t type phrases like LOL, or thank you without making a physical move. In addition, most popular keyboards don’t have an integrated calculator or multi-level RGB backlighting — two common productivity tools. These advanced features are only available in professional peripherals specifically designed for business and gaming use.

Consider Ergonomics (BONUS)

Using a keyboard without wrist support can cause long-term damage to your tendons and ligaments. If you’re looking for a keyboard with an ergonomic design, look no further than Logitech’s K860. This keyboard boasts scissor keys, which provide a better feel and key spacing. And it’s available with both wireless and wired options, so whether you work in an office or from home, one of these keyboards should suit your needs perfectly!

Go Wireless (BONUS)

While wired keyboards are more durable and accurate, they lack portability. Wireless keyboards give you a little more flexibility; you don’t have to worry about stepping on or tripping over a cord. Wireless productivity keyboards, like Logitech’s K811 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard, can take up less space than their corded counterparts since they don’t require a USB port. For example, when someone stops by your office unexpectedly, you can quickly stow your keyboard in your laptop bag or backpack rather than searching around for an available outlet to plug it into.

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