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October 23, 2022

The inflation in 2022 affected the economies all around the world very badly, including the consumers, sellers, traders, you name it. Every year each country reveals its inflation rate and no one can do anything about whether you invest your savings in US dollars or gold or whatever it is it’s losing some of its value rather you like it or not!

Why the economic inflation exist?

The Wikipedia definition of inflation is ”a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy.”

But why prices are increasing over time? what changed?

There is only one reason for inflation which is USURY because it generates money with no assets to cover it.

For example, let’s imagine that if someone decided to launch a new business and took a loan from the bank, the bank will give that person the needed money and set a payment plan with an ”interest rate” defined by the bank and government regulations.

let’s imagine that this person took $200,000 for the 5 years term with a 4.5% interest rate. at the end of the payment plan, this person will pay $223,716.23 with is 24 thousand dollars more than the money he got from the bank.

and to cover the extra money this business will have no option but to raise the price and charge the customers more.

because he used 200K for buying machines and paying employees and taxes but he has to give 224K to the bank. Where this money will come from? it has no assets behind it!


No doubt that money lobbies and governments are dominating all parts of our lives including the media.

Using the term usury will affect the chances of selling the only service that all banks have (Usury Loans), that’s why they refined the term to make it more acceptable to the consumer as an ”interest rate”.

”Usury was condemned by numerous religious leaders and philosophers through history, including Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Aquinas, Muhammad, and Gautama Buddha.”


It’s condemned because of its effect on nations and economies and more because of its nature of making rich people richer and leaving the poor people poorer and eliminating everything in between.

Crisis and global debt

Do you know that in 2022 the global debt has been driven to hit a new record of $303 trillion?

do you know that we have only $40 trillion in physical money circulating worldwide?

More than $200 trillion are not existed to be paid in the first place! it’s the current world monopoly that ensures to make everyone in debt for eternity.

Raising any country’s debt is fairly easy and as you can tell the Russian-Ukrainian war affected the global markets and pushed inflation to another level.

What can we do about it?

some people attend open a savings banking account in which they earn an interest rate (Generating income from nothing). but how the bank is able to generate more money? simply by lending this money to other people with a higher interest rate.

The only noble option we have is to avoid taking loans and holding back our expenses so we don’t have to use credit cards and transfer all our savings from the savings bank accounts into normal bank accounts.

That’s all and I hope you are well.

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