A Big Leap in robots industry made by engineered Arts

Ameca Robot By Engineered Arts Making Facial Impression

Recently Engineered arts, the manufacture of humanoid robots, posted a video on Youtube showing its latest robot Ameca.

The video shows Ameca showing a human-like facial impression simulating a wake-up, amazed, friendly state, which is very interesting and scary at the same time.

The engineers who worked on the Ameca robot said all the facial impressions and movements made by the robots are not AI-generated and prerecorded from real humans. Instead, the demonstration was about how we can simulate human facial movements and muscles. The AI capabilities will be left for the developers to work on.

Unfortunately, the experience will be incomplete. For example, the Ameca prototype cannot walk or make parkour moves like Boston Dynamics’ Atlas. Still, the giant leap here is the way of simulation, which is more presentable for Masmer robot, which Engineered arts have introduced earlier.

Masmer robot is far scarier than Ameca because of the natural skin and wrinkles formed on its face while making facial impressions.

As the Engineered Arts company stated that they will display both robots at CES 2022 in July, so be ready if you’re interested in seeing the robots in real life.

The world of AI and human replication is becoming faster than we thought, and the theory of robots taking the lead of our world will not be science fiction anymore and become a reality.

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